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Newsletter 2017





                                   Rustic Gates and Tumbled Bluestone Patio



  The Chicken Report 

The flock is laying delicious eggs at a voluminous rate. We thank them every day.

I must admit that I have a favorite of the new chickens, the smallest and cuddliest of the Pearl White Leghorns.


                                                                 Travelling Coop With Ramp            

 We select our breed of chickens based on productivity, mild and friendly temperment, winter hardiness and winter egg laying habits, smaller breeds that require a little less food, yet are good egg producers. We also look for pretty chickens in a variety of colors and feather patterns. Our newest chickens are of the following breeds;

White Plymouth Rock- a white feathered chicken with bright red combs and yellow legs. Brown eggs.

Red Star- a smallish reddish/brown hen of friendly demeanor and strong egg production. (sex linked chicken, meaning all the female chicks are brown feathered). Brown eggs.

Silver Laced Wyandotte-  silvery white feathers edged in black. Brown eggs.

Pearl White Leghorn- quite small chickens with pure white feathers, prodigious producers of white eggs.

Single Comb Brown Leghorn- another small chicken, lays lots of white eggs. 

This combined flock of our older and newer chickens is our friendliest and most productive. They are both handsome and silly and embody everything that is lovable about chickens.

 .New Hampshire Red and Cuckoo Maran sharing a nest


                                                         GARDENS AND GARLIC

                                                             Great Bulbs of Garlic

 This summer's harvest was both the most numerous in terms of number of bulbs, and largest in terms of the size of the bulbs. We sold some, gifted some, replanted the new garlic bed, and still have been enjoying the flavor in our food all year.

                     Garlic Curing in the Barn, July 2016                                                Garlic Clove


                                               FIG TREES

                                           Fig Leaves and Fruit 

Following several many years of searching, we've finally found a trove of Fig Tree varieties. Our propagation went well and we have assured a good supply for the future.We can  now offer 12 distinct varieties of deliciousness. See the Fig Tree page for varieties and descriptions.

                                                           News of Our Children

Eric's book was published by Cambridge University Press this fall," English Alliterative Verse, Poetic Tradition and Literary History ". We have a copy he gave us, and someday hope to somehow understand some of it.

Eric's Book

Sofia, our beloved daughter-in-law, will graduate this May from Medical School, and also with an MBA from Business School. However busy we might be at the end of May, we wouldn't miss her graduation for the world.      

Eric and Sofia, 1st Anniversary                   

 Carl has moved again, he has forsaken the humid, sub-tropical heat of Houston, for the humid, rainy, moderate  weather of Portland Oregon in the Pacific Northwest. We haven't yet had a chance to visit him there.

                                                                        Carl at Christmas in Brooklyn


                                                                     NEW PLANTS

Lonicera Scentsation- Honeysuckle Vine, yellow fragrant flowers all season, fast growing twining vine, deer resistant.

Spirea Little Princess - 15"-18", pink flowers over lime green foliage. Neat and cute and long flowering, deer resistant.

Polygonatum humile- Dwarf Solomon's Seal- 1' ht., glossy dark green foliage, tiny white flowers dangle from arching stems, spreading groundcover for shade, as pretty as a picture.

Pyrethrum Robinson's dark Crimson-18"-24", ferny foliage, another dark red daisy for summer cutting, likely to be deer resistant, but let's put it to the proving.


Allium sphaerocephalum- Drumstick Allium- 21/2'-3' height, raspberry colored flowerheads bloom in summer, narrow bluegreen leaves, deer resistant.

Drumstick Allium

 Digitalis Dalmatian Mix- Foxglove, 2'-3' tall, white, or cream, or purple,or pink, or yellow spotted flowers in summer, shade or sun, deer resistant.

Digitalis Dalmatian           Digitalis Dalmatian

Verbena bonariensis- 3'-4', small purple flowers atop slender stems bloom from late spring through the final freeze, attracting butterflies of all descriptions and the occassional hummimngbird, as well as Goldfinches, who seem to pose with the complementary purple flowers.

Verbena bonariensis  

Buddlea Miss Molly- Butterfly Bush, compact at 4'-5', a brilliant nearly red flower, profuse and consistently in flower until late fall's frosts.

Buddlea Miss Molly 

Succulents- We've been expanding our selection of non-cold hardy succulents that we grow. The diverse interesting shapes, sizes, colors are fascinating and beautiful.

Echeveria Lizard from Vancouver BC                         Echeveria Planter                  Succulents on the Rocks                   Echeveria Opalina


With the expansion of the shade house last season, we were able to grow and display an increased variety and quantity of ferns.We'll again have a great supply of favorites such as Regal Red Japanese Painted Fern and Ghost Fern, as well as  new varieties such as Upside Down Fern and Log Fern.



Facing the reality of gardening in deer country has led us to seek out exceptional plants that have shown strong deer resistance. Almost all our new varieties are plants that exhibit beauty, and are not on Bambi's menu. Among the most gardenworthy have been these;

Calamintha Montrose White- a topmost desirable plant! Recommended by a Shelter Island gardener, deer resistant fragrant foliage, tiny white flowers all summer. 12"-15" ht. by 18"-24" spread. Drought tolerant, sun, lightshade. Constantly in bloom and as low maintenence as can be

.Calamintha Montrose White, Fragrant Foliage and Blooms All Season

Allium Millenium- 18"-24" tall and wide, deer resistant foliage, 2" lavender/purple/pink globe flowers early-late summer. Cheerful and carefree and ruggedly reliable.

Lavender- each of the varieties we grow are deer resistant and provide flowers and fragrance for sunny well drained spots. Provence is the largest one we grow at 30"x30", Silver Frost has the largest dark purple blooms and the whitest foliage, Munstead is 15"-18" and has the best flowers for drying, and Ellegance Snow has white flowers on compact plants at 12"-15". 

All the above plants are also in the category of " look great all season, even during the heat  of a dry July and August."




Rugosa Rose Hybrids-  varieties with double white, double purple, double yellow, double and single pink flowers. Richly fragrant blooms. Very low maintenence, almost no disease issues, tolerant of harsh seashore conditions, yet happy in a garden bed. Blooming in spring, and then in summer, and again in fall. Our varieties include Hansa, Frau Dagmar Hartopp, Blanc Double de Coubert, Moje Hammerberg, and several others, and seedling grown Rosa rugosa for bluff planting.

The Knockout family of roses continues to impress. Almost total disease resistance, the longest bloom time of any rose, and reliable winter hardiness, make these roses the easiest to grow and enjoy. Our newest varieties offered are Home Run and Pink Home Run. They have single flowers in profusion, from Spring though hard freeze. Home Run is red, and Pink Home Run is... pink. They are both very disease resistant, as are all the Knockout family of roses.



                                                             EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT

Special bonus for planning ahead!! The early bird catches the largest discount!

For all plant orders confirmed and paid by April 10th 2017, we offer 25% off the usual reasonable price per plant. This includes any plant on our list.

If you cannot decide which plants to pre-order, a gift certificate can be purchased at the discount rate.

To order;

Call, write, e-mail to confirm availability and price of the plants you wish to order.

Call office or nursery before plant pick up to confirm they are ready for planting.

Mail payment/use credit card, (by phone or in person, not online),before April 10th.


Jack's Health Report

Because everyone has been so kind and concerned, I thought you all should know, it is now nearly 5 years since I was diagnosed, and as of now I am all clear and feeling like a very energetic and lucky new man.